special summer offers:

Water and fun: 
Outdoor pool in the village is completely free for our guests.
Adventure at Lake Pressegger which is only 5 km away
Thermal spa in Villach
Adriatic sea in Italy or Slovenia which is only 1,5 hours away

in our own garden

up mountain rails, to alpine pastures, bike to Tarvisio and back again on a designated trail

up to alpine pastures; explore the Garnitzen ravine; do guided climbing tours

Visit the unique three-countries-Corner
between Austria, Italy, and Slovenia and experience the atmosphere of the three largest language families on the planet, the Slavic, Germanic and Romanic language groups

in the river Gail: There are many rafting torus available starting from Vorderberg

 For questions about our apartments please contact us per phone or e-mail. Tel: +43 (0) 660/ 46 20 400 oder office@wettl.at


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